• September 2, 2020

Las Vegas Custom Trade Show Displays

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Las Vegas Custom Trade Show Displays

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Having your booth designer based in Las Vegas, the city where your exhibition is going to happen, has 3 main advantages:

  • Everything you may need is just a few miles away from the Convention Center: there’s nothing that can go wrong and that cannot be solved in a couple of hours.
  • You can count on a company that not only has its own staff but also that can deal with all the requirement set by the Unions. If you have already planned a trade show in Las Vegas or in the U.S. you know how painful could be matching all the deadlines required by the organizers. With your stand builder based in Vegas, you can benefit from having a trade show partner that knows the environment of your trade show.
  • Exhibiting in Las Vegas can be very expensive because it’s still the-place-to-be for the trade shows and convention.

Having your partner based in the city will deliver to you all the value your company needs to maximize the ROI of the event.

Las Vegas custom trade show display: AllSpace guarantees

For your upcoming Las Vegas trade shows, AllSpace offers you a turnkey and customized service that includes:
• Top quality booth design that makes tangible your company’s branding and goals
• Durable concepts: choosing a display made by AllSpace will deliver to your visitor an attention-grabbing look: we work only using the best materials available on the market to deliver a stunning quality-based concept.
• Building and storing in our Las Vegas warehouse, to allow a quick start of the building operations.
• Full services on-site in Las Vegas
• Around-the-clock assistance from start to finish, with our Project Manager that will be by your side to deal with any request you may have during your event.


AllSpace is born from a team of qualified professionals that have 15+ years experience in the trade shows.
Having been trusted by hundreds of exhibitors in 20+ industries, we can effectively support you organising your next trade show. We are not only stand builders, but we’ve gained great reputation for being exhibitors valuable partner for the support we can offer, even with planning all the deadlines of your trade show.
Choosing AllSpace you will benefit from the expertise of a team that brings brands to life at the most important industry trade show.

Tired of the Same Trade Show Displays Las Vegas?

All Space offers unique Las Vegas trade show displays as glittering and attractive as Vegas. Since we have been in the booth designing industry for more than 15 years, we know all the intricacies involved to satisfy our clients completely. Our custom trade displays are second to none with the original ideas of our talented and experienced team.

Even in this digitalized business world, trade shows play a pivotal role to lure customers and boosting sales. Also, the best trade show displays Las Vegas can rope in a broader audience as the number of visitors pouring into Vegas rapidly increases. As veterans conducting trade shows in Las Vegas and Canada, All Space offers the best Las Vegas trade show displays.

• Graphic tents and logo canopies that can promote business and bring brand awareness to a broader audience
• Hanging displays with proper lighting offers an eye-catchy look to the booths, increasing visitors and revenue.
• Arranging storytelling in live class multiple times with flexible schedules enables visitors to interact and know more about the products or services.
• Include videos, table pictures, and all other elements that make the brand strong with the target audience to make it personal
• Ensure the flooring is right without visible stains or dirt, as it will not impress the visitor.

For more lucrative Las Vegas trade show displays, call us now with no delay to make your show a grand success.