• September 2, 2020

Discover the 4 Steps to Organize A Successful Trade Show

Why you need a specialist for trade show booth design in Las Vegas?

Discover the 4 Steps to Organize A Successful Trade Show

Discover the 4 Steps to Organize A Successful Trade Show 1024 640 All Space Group

4Cs of event management

To create your successful trade show you need a partner that knows how to manage the 4 steps of an event. Indeed, Events Management usually is modeled around the 4Cs framework.

1. Conceptualization

Should you launch a new product, trigger a rebranding or perform a live action for brand activation, we’ll listen to your goal, understanding your Company’s values and brand identity to shape your trade show with you.
We’ll design your concept to encourage interaction, that’s one of the main targets of any trade show.
A great concept help building connections and provides an opportunity for physical, face to face interaction.
We are here to make your concept live.

2. Costing

From the cost of the space to utilities and missed deadline penalty, exhibitions are often money-consuming, with no room to negotiate a better deal.
In the USA, the space exhibit costs an average of 100$ per square foot.
Then, you’ll have to add all show services, on-site promotion and extra-budget for any unplanned issue.
We sincerely respect your money that’s why we design a successful and budget-savvy concept.
From All Space, you’ll get a clear quote without hidden costs, and we’ll act as your consultant suggesting you how to save money in your trade show.

3. Customization

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.” Roy T. Bennet

Your Company values, identity, people are what make you unique.
You know your target market and trade show objectives, we can give you the best design considering your floor plan and design a path to maximize interactions.
We’ll make your uniqueness booth-shaped: every column, podium and shelf will be uniquely designed for your unique concept.
You are one of a kind and we know it. That’s why you won’t see 2 similar stand design at a trade show made by All Space.

4. Carrying out

Execution is the real game and plays a pivotal role to create a successful trade show.
Once your customized stand design has been completed, our craftsmen will bring your project to life in our own production plants by using only the best and finest materials in the industry.
We pre-assemble all necessary parts before delivery so the trade show set-up runs as smooth as possible.
Your stand will be safely stored in our storage units, ready to be delivered and build on-site. Then, we’ll take care of the installation, lighting and scenography so you can stay focused on your business.
We’ll be there by your side to give you around the clock supervision and provide quick assistance in last minute adjustments.

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