• June 8, 2021

Why you need a specialist for trade show booth design in Las Vegas?


Why you need a specialist for trade show booth design in Las Vegas?

Why you need a specialist for trade show booth design in Las Vegas? 1024 640 All Space Group

A trade show is a platform for brand activation, launching a new product, rebranding, or driving immersive stakeholder engagement. What are the four distinct steps that are a prerequisite for effective trade show participation?

Vision or conceptualization

First things first – the vision is the starting point for any project, including a trade show. When you choose a trade event specialist to work with you on a trade show project, ensure that you choose a partner that understands your company values. A partner on the same platform as you are; an industry expert who knows the trade events industry’s ins and outs and understands your business profile, industry, market, and customers. Therefore, it is important to know the unique selling propositions of your brand and what your brand wishes to fulfill from the trade event.

Gathering this information is crucial because it helps the event organizer at AllSpace Group work out the plan of action and trade show booth design in Las Vegas. An expert will devote a considerable amount of time to this aspect. After all, a trade show is about live interactions with prospective customers, vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Cost estimates

Costing is an important consideration. Trade shows and exhibitions can hurt financial budgets if the estimates are not done with precision. Expert event organizers know all about costings and how it works in the industry. Firstly, you need to optimize the space you are paying for to make it a cost-effective decision. Secondly, there are missed deadlines and penalties to address. Thirdly, the trade show booth rental in Las Vegas and utility costs all impact the cost. Most exhibition organizers and trade show hosts have stringent policies with zero scopes of negotiation. The rental costs in the US are high, too – almost $100 per sq foot on an average. Besides, there are other costs associated with promotions, miscellaneous expenses, and more.

You need to find experts who are fabulous at designing the right budget by offering cutting-edge and out-of-box ideas to achieve optimized results at budget-friendly rates.


In a trade show and exhibition, what can your brand do differently to attract maximum footfall! How can you highlight your brand unicity to achieve your objectives better? These are questions that only a specialist can address creating brand-specific booths at cost-effective trade show booth rental in Las Vegas.

Plan execution

The scope has been defined, the plan made, and now is the time to execute. It cannot be all in writing; the plan needs to be executed too. It is where a competitive edge is brought into the picture. A specialist will ensure smooth and seamless execution, meeting deadlines, and doing things differently.

Depending on the nature of the trade show, brands need to indulge in a lot of pre-event planning to ensure seamless execution during the event. Be it the trade show booth design in Las Vegas or the cost estimates, we at AllSpace Group are specialists who help you realize the event participation objectives.