• September 1, 2020

How to get the best custom trade show booth designs?


How to get the best custom trade show booth designs?

How to get the best custom trade show booth designs? 1024 683 All Space Group

A good project always starts with a good brief.
Take your time to communicate your goals to your exhibit designer and make sure they align with it, evaluating their reactions and suggestions.
If you have more than 3 goals, be prepared that your stand design will have to match with them.

The most frequent trade show goals are:

  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Product Launch
  • Networking with customers and partners

Focus on what really matters
Your priority (and your budget) should go where your main goal is; don’t be scared of cutting unessential frills: less is more, and you’ll have a wonderful custom trade show booth designs tailored on your goals.

Make it personal
You are an insider: who knows better thank you what your brand stands for?
Bring to the table pictures, videos, hints of the elements you liked in other exhibitors or things you believe are right for your company.
If you are exhibiting in the USA, make it bold and remarkable.
Hanging signs are a must-have, back-lighted wall with impactful graphics and an interactive island as well.

Custom trade show booth designs is a great way to make your brand tell and show its value proposition.
Organize a live class, across multiple time slot to allow visitors to choose the best timing according to their scheduling.

Only one shot to impress
We’ve said to cut the frills but there are some elements we suggest to keep investing.

  • Lighting: if you are lucky enough your booth will be in the middle of the aisle, where the level of the general lighting is high.
    But if you are just around the corner you may face bad lighting condition, especially in the oldest venue hall. Paying attention to your lighting will give your booth a catchy and fresh look, driving more visitors in.
  • Flooring: as it happens for the lights, even the flooring is one of the first element your visitor perceive.
    If you are choosing carpet, the best suggestion is to go with a color that can make dirt and stains less visible.
    With wooden and PVC flooring you can opt for lighter and bright colors but don’t forget to take care of the cleanliness across the day.

All Space Offers the Best Trade Show Booth Designs at Affordable Costs

Want to use the best trade show booth designs but have budget constraints? With over 15 years of offering booth designs for trade shows, All Space could provide the solution. We have conducted hundreds of trade shows, events, product launches, and others in Las Vegas and Canada. Hence, we understand our clients’ needs for having the best booths within budget. And our talented team of architects, graphic designers, and others will reduce the extra fills but add the essentials to make the show great.

In this digitalized business world, reaching the target audience in the locality has many ways. But stringent competition and the need to use many digital marketing strategies for an extended period only will yield results. But conducting trade shows will give a personal touch with the niche audience to promote the product or service. All Space Group has over a decade of experience designing booths and knows how to do that at competitive costs. Using the minimum effective displays with all the correct elements will make the target audience remember the brand to buy the product or service whenever they want.

How All Space offers the best trade show booth designs?

We know the financial constraints of our clients and hence offer the best trade show booth designs as per their budget in the following ways.

• We discuss with the client to know their precise need from the booth
• Use no extra frills but the essentials like proper lighting, clean floor, brand awareness creating displays and tents
• Not only design booths but erect in the right place for having more visitors and also dismantle them