• September 1, 2020

Great Booth Design for Trade Shows with Low Budget


Great Booth Design for Trade Shows with Low Budget

Great Booth Design for Trade Shows with Low Budget 1024 725 All Space Group

Full customisation with modular solution.
You know that a full custom booth design can fully enhance your brand proposal.

But there are some cases you can not get what it should be done and you need to find a solution to arrange your next upcoming trade show, reaching the best result ever.
If you need to comply with budget requirements, a system booth is a good compromise between budget and results.
In the past, modular system booth had a truly bad reputation, being known as non customizable system, poorly executed with low-quality graphics.
In AllSpace, we’ve taken care of your feedback and developed a top-notch system booth that can help you when:

  • You want a good result with a little budget
  • You are not fully informed about the details of your location, or if you are looking for a last-minute bargain

We can design and build 100% modular booths that deliver you the best result with no visible aluminum profiles and modules that connect together seamlessly.

Fabric on a Modular System booth
The ease of system booth with the flair of a full custom exhibit can be enhanced using our top quality fabric graphics.
This printing technique is a must have in the trade show industry. Textile fabric are easy to transport, handle and can be easily set up, with no hustle during the messy time of building up; moreover they are scratch proof, bubbles and wrinkle-free.
Our fabric use dye-sublimation printing techniques, that allows for top-level quality, color saturation and vibrancy.
Fabric is anti-glaze, absorbing light and avoiding unpleasant reflections while you are talking with your visitors.

Get the best custom trade show booth design: AllSpace guarantees

For your upcoming tradeshow, AllSpace offers you a customized service that includes:

  • Creative booth design to enhance your company’s goal and branding.
  • We believe that quality speaks for itself: we use only durable concepts to wow your customers.
  • Full services on-site, wherever your tradeshow is. You won’t be alone, it’s a kept promise.
  • Around-the-clock assistance from start to finish: your Project Manager. will be by your side to deal with any request during your event.